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  • City of bones book report

    2010 - 11.01
    The book City Of Bones, by Cassandra Clare is about a girl named Clary Fray, short for Clarissa, was a completely normal girl; or what seemed to be normal. Her normal life began to change when she was at a night club with her friend Simon and in the corners of the room saw a blue-haired boy getting attacked and killed by a group of weird looking teenagers. When she called the club’s bouncer over, nobody could see the teenagers but Clary and that made her start to second guess things.
    One night she got a paniced phone call from her mom when she was out hanging with Simon. Clary ran home to see what was the matter.  When she gets home, she finds her apartment trashed, and a hungry scorpion like demon that wants to eat her. Because she isn’t a normal girl, she is able to fight off the demon. After the fight, one of the teenages, Jace, comes to rescue her and take her back to the institute(a place of safety for their kind).
    Clary starts to be able to see the world and the ‘things’ in the world as it really is. She learns all the types of weird kinds of people. Jace, and the rest of that group of teenagers are shadowhunters.  As it says in the book, shadowhunters are men, women, and teenagers created by mixing the blood of angels with that of men so that they can hunt and kill demons. Clary is a ‘mundie’, which is a special girl from the normal world. Two other creaters are deamons and vampires, but there are many more. Alec and Isabelle are brother and sister. They were the other two people from the night club. Jace came to live with their family when he was ten years old, after his parents died. That’s the general summary of the book. The rest of the book is just about Clary finding who she really is (which isn’t a normal girl) and her evolving with this world and all of the creatures and such in it. It’s also mostly about the adventures she goes on as she strengthens herself.
    The plot of the book was very interesting. The author was very creative in inventing the story line. I really enjoyed the setting too. It was very unique and as I continued to read, the setting got better; like the normal world versus the supernatural world. I enjoyed the detail’s in the authors words the most. I could almost picture everything as I read, almost like the movie was playing in my mind.
    I would suggest this book to those who like fantasy, fairytale, and fiction. I would also suggest this book to those who read the Twilight series. I would say they are very similar. There’s action, humor, intensity, creatures, and love. This book would also be good for people who like to get into the books they read. This book would be good for those who can dedicate their time to reading it because once you start, you won’t be able to put the book down. There’s something new on each page. So, for those that like fantasy, humor, and the Twilight series should definitely consider reading this book.
    I would rate this book a 3 out of 5 because even though it was a good book, it wasn’t a favorite genre of mine. I really like the Twilight series, but I’m not that big of a fan to the moral instruments series. This book kept me reading and at the edge of my seat but there’s just something about it that didn’t grab my full liking.

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