About Me!

I am a ninth grader at Sheboygan Falls High School.

Here is my personal Statement:

Trying your very best is what you always do. It might not be the most fun thing at the time, but in the long run it will really show. At anything I do, I will give 110 percent. Why give something less than your best? If it’s a volley ball game, a test or even helping some, it is just the right thing to do. Even if you don’t succeed, at lest you know that you gave it your all. I have done many things that I am very proud of that I work extremely hard for. For example I have climbed six fourteen thousand foot peaks in Colorado and I was one of the four out of fifteen freshmen who made high school dance team. These are just some but it just shows if you put you heart in to something what you can do.

As a little kid, I always thought there was something different about me and that I was special. I thought that I was going to be famous. Personally I think it’s a good thing if someone has big dreams like that; something great to work for. But when I was little I didn’t think that I would have to work for anything and just one day it would all come to me. Think this it also showed how well I did in school. I got all “good” grades but it was the bare minimum. I know that I could have done much better if I wasn’t working in everyway possible not to take any homework home. Then in seventh grade I thought about my future and I took it up a few steps. This year in high school I’m trying my best to do the same because I have big goals in life.

I’m not sure what career I would like to pursue right now but I have a pretty good idea of some of my short term and long term goals in life. For example in high school I really want to work for being in the top ten of my class and make varsity soccer and volley ball when I am a junior. So then, then I think about after high school. I want to work toward going to college and being extremely successful there. I’m not sure where I want to go yet but I have an idea. Madison is a very nice school but for me it’s a little to close to home. I love Colorado so I want to look into Bolder. My best friend Truman lives in LA and she wants to go to UCLA with me and I also love the idea of that (against my mother’s will). In college I want to study something that I love that will make me a happier person. I am thinking about owning a business or doing something in the arts. But whatever I do I would also like to help people in someway too.

So yes, I do still have big dreams in life. But my doing my very best everyday and working hard I know that I can to anything that I want to do.