About me

I am a ninth grader at Sheboygan Falls High School.

Here is my personal statement:

We all come to school to learn and to hope to be a good student. Even to make our parents proud so they will say, yeah that right there is my kid! Growing up that is all they really wanted me to do, work hard and feel that big smile after doing my work and getting the grades. I feel it is much harder then that. When you are closed in on always doing your best, you don’t really have room for mistakes, so when I did make mistakes it was technically the end of the world to my parents. As they challenged me to work at not making them, my life felt harder at school and by that I tried at a full 100% and if that isn’t good enough for them, well deep inside I feel like I am not going to be good at everything I do. That’s life.

College is the biggest goal for me, it always has been. My parents went to college and pretty expect me to go as well. I know if I just do as I am told and do the right things maybe my experience can be a fun challenge.

I want to just keep learning, I actually feel really good when I hear something that I didn’t know. On the other hand, learning about stuff that isn’t to my best interest is one of my weak spots. It actually is many people’s weak spots. Like they say suck it up and learn it and that is what I will do. Sometimes I feel helping others is a great feeling, like example when people ask me for help or have a question. I enjoy hearing that I helped them with their school work, as well as they help me when I am not to sure on the correct answer.

So what happens after college? The big question, I believe the most asked question to all kids & teens, what do you want to be when you grow up? Well that one is no answer for me. No lie, I really don’t know what I want to be and what I want to do for the rest of my life. As a kid we all have our dreams to become an actor, or singer, or maybe the even the next Oprah. Yes I did dream of being a talk show host, mostly because I love talking to people. To reach that dream will be one big hope of faith. This all in return is going to be pretty big to ask for.

So as I take paths to lead me places, and make choices I know that we are not kids anymore. We need to realize we are not going to be perfect at everything we do, we have to just learn from it, and do not make the same mistake twice. I say forgive and forget, and then must we move on.

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  1. avatar Ms. Degenhardt says:

    Jessica you have taken great efforts to make this blog your own, congrats! It is very exciting to see a student take this much pride in their public works.

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