• Final Reflection

    June 3, 2011

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    There were a lot of skills that I learned over my freshman year that could help me in the remaining years of high school. One is that I learned how to enhance my blog posts by adding hyperlinks into words in the story. Second is how to just write better blogs. The most surprising change I have made is my blog writing. My writing skills weren’t that great at the start of high school. Now they are ten times better than they ever were. Plus, my work habits have changed as well. I worked hard throughout the year. At this point in time, I am slowing down because it is the end of the year and I think I am getting a little lazy. The best skill I learned is blog writing. Like I said, the blogs are ten times better.

     The best book I read this year would be Pearl Harbor by Randall Wallace. There was very good action throughout the book and it never ended. I wrote some blog posts on it and those blogs were some of the better ones I wrote. I think wrote better blogs because I was able to connect to the book better. Plus, this was one of the only books I actually read all the way through. I rated that book a 4/5. Thee reason for that score would be, the action was constant except for one part where it slowed down a little.

     Having a blog helped me in many ways to write my stories on my blog. One way the blog helped is by giving me feed back on all my stories. With that feed back, I can improve my next post and the next, and so on. Looking back, those comments did really help me. Every post just seems better when I go back and read them. Also, my blog helped show everyone how I write. That could benefit others that are struggling with getting started on their posts. Maybe they need a topic to start their post, or maybe my post could be an example on how to write that specific post. So as you can see, blogs don’t only benefit me, but others in my school and possibly even the whole United States.

     I did learn lots of interesting things regarding computers and how to use them for work. But, there was a few things I would have liked to learn. If there is a way, maybe putting pictures on my blog to enhance what the visitor to my blog was reading. Also, I would have like to learn how to write blogs a little better. I just can’t seem to write the kind of blog I would like to write. There is just something missing.

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