Hypertext is a way of writing that can take you to a totally different place in a blink of an eye. For instance, if you are reading about different types of sharks then there is a website that links to more information to what the topic is all about. Hypertext is a way of writing where you link different websites to have further learning to others. Some people link pictures, videos, or other websites so others that are reading the information can learn further information about that topic than what is just said in the writing.

 Why do people like to write hypertext? Well first off, it is different then just a book or a piece of literature on a computer. Some readers are visual learnes right? So it is a benefit for hypertext readers who need to see pictures or videos of what they are learning. Being able to do hypertext is a big step. Don’t you just get bored from sitting and reading a piece of literature with no further information?  I know I do. Reading just a piece of literature that has no information is kind of boring. Having hypertext in your writing is good so you can link to new words and information about what your writing is all about. That is the difference between hypertext and paper text.

 Hypertext can affect many individuals. It can effect them by it may be complicated for them to understand and comprehend all of what they are taking in from hypertext. Hypertext leads to further learning for other students. Whenever we read in our textbooks for school, there are always some words or phrases we don’t know. Well in hypertext writing, there is a link for certain words or phrases that the writer chooses. Then you can click on that link and see what that word means. Also, hypertext can also tell you more information that the writer left out of their writing. Hypertext expands your reading and is easier for others to understand and help them with words of phrases they don’t know.

 Hypertext may be confusing for the reader as well. The writer of the hypertext may put information in their writing that doesn’t help the reader understand what’s going on. When you don’t understand the word in the first place and you then you click on a link that doesn’t make any sense? Isn’t that confusing? So that is why maybe that would confuse the reader. In order to solve this, the reader could tell the writer what’s going on and they could change that problem.

 Hypertext may also confuse writers when they are putting together a hypertext page or a post. Hypertext can be difficult because you have to find the right information that you want to be hypertext in your writing. When you link your hypertext, you want to find a good website that will explain more to what your writing is about. Not one that will reword what you just said in your writing. Hypertext can also be difficult for writers because if your website doesn’t have the correct information, then you are giving false information to the readers and they are learning the wrong information.

 Being able to link other websites to your writing is a great way to learn. But you need to do it correctly first. You need to link websites to your writing that will benefit the reader and also you. But when you are linking different websites to your writing, you need to consider what websites you choose. Ones that are inappropriate are not allowed. When you look at the website you should make sure that it is up to date. That is very important. You shouldn’t have a website that is from eight years ago because the information will probably not be accurate.

 Hypertext is a great way to learn and expand your reading. If you are reading hypertext, it can help you be a better writer by reading further information that the writer has on the website that they have linked. You can learn more information from that combined with what you know from the paper that he or she wrote.

 I haven’t really read that much hypertext until this year. But in the past, when I was researching topics for school, there were always some websites that had hypertext. Hypertext is a great way to learn more information that is needed or that you are adding to your page or post. I believe hypertext expands information for readers and helps them be better readers themselves. We live in a new world of technology, so hypertext is the way to go.


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