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on Feb6 2012

Step 1: Computer, Keyboard, Mouse, Blog, Teacher Blog, Word Documents, Internet, Pencil, Paper, calculator, and Books. At school I would use these tools for many things such as, Computer for working on our blogs and the internet, keyboard for typing stories and essays for our blogs, mouse for clicking and finding things to use on the computer, blog for posting our writing pieces, teacher blog for getting directions for assignments, word documents for typing our pieces in, internet for looking information up, pencils for writing and taking notes, paper for notes and writing on, calculator for calculating math problems, and books for reading and information.


Step 2: Computer, Mouse, Keyboard, Pencil/pens, Grade Book, Paper, Internet, Their Blog, Phone, Books, and E-mail. Computer for looking up information and communicating, mouse for clicking and finding things to use, keyboard for typing documents and e-mails, pencils and pens for writing, grade book to store student grades, paper for writing passes and notes, internet for looking up information, their personal blogs for communicating to students about assignments, phone for communication to the office or other parts of the building, books for reading and information, and e-mail for communication between parents, students, and other teachers.


Step 3: Computer, Keyboard, Mouse, Blog, Teacher Blog, Word Documents, Internet, Pencil, Paper, calculator, and Books. I would use these tools at home for many reasons such as, computer for home work and the internet to look up information, the keyboard for typing homework, a mouse for searching the screen for a helpful tool, my blog for homework assignments, teachers blog to look at directions for a homework assignment, word documents for typing homework assignments, the internet for information, pencils for writing and drawing,  paper for writing or drawing on, calculator for math homework or problems, and books for reading.


Step 4: I like the technology at our school because it lets us have the freedom to do online tasks and homework at school. I could also use the technologies for learning purposes outside of home or school and I could also use them to create and use my imagination outside of school.


Step 5:

  1. A flipped classroom is a place where most instructions are given online and outside of the classroom, most of the homework is done in the classroom. Ina flipped classroom situation the computer is the most important technology because that is how the instruction is communicated. I don’t think this would be the best idea because if the kids need more help it would be harder to get than it is now, but it also could be fun because you do more hands on activities.
  2. BYOD stands for bring your own device. One advantage to bringing your own device would be that you can get whatever kind you wanted. One disadvantage is that it would be a lot more costly and some families may not be able to afford that. I would think that it was pretty cool to be able to bring your own technology to school for only you to use.
  3. Some people say yes it is important for educational projects and learning but some people say that it can be distracting for kids doing homework or if they are simply trying to learn. I also think that You Tube can be a distraction if you are on the computer doing homework or a project.
  4. I think that it would be a very expensive project for a school to give every student an I-pad but I think that it could also be very beneficial to student who have a more difficult time staying concentrated after leaving the classroom or during a big group discussion. They can also be helpful for learning purposes, teachers in other cities have their students play Jeopardy like games to teach them about various subjects.


Step 6:

What would my ideal cyber school be like? Would it have all computer rooms or have each child be equip with an I-pad? I think that if I were to have a school I would have every student able to have access to an I-pad or laptop of their own via the library or their home. It would not be completely taught by computers though the kids would still have to read books and do written assignments but not as many written as we have to do now.


When you walk into my school you smell the scent of children learning and you would hear the sound of their fingers taping on their I-pads and the keys of a keyboard clicking. You would see teachers helping and answering questions and you would see the children engaging in a history game or a math problem. The technology in this school would be used for learning purposes and learning games, the kids would have some free time at the end of classes to play their own games but only if they have their work done.


The way my school uses its technology is best for learning because if you give kids a fun way to learn they will be more motivated to keep focused and attentive in class. My ideal school would have lots of kids and computers for all of them to do their individual work on. The fun way that teachers would use to teach would be to use learning games and their use and skills of technology to commit to their job as a teacher and make it fun for every kid in the class. My ideal school would be a very fun and exciting learning environment for every child that walks through the doors.

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