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    2012 - 03.20

    The time, geographical, cultural and historical setting of my book would be modern time, like today. One of the main characters DJ lives in Wisconsin on a farm. The geographical setting would be a medium sized farm with a lot of land around it for crops. Also DJ’s house is pretty close to the farm.

    The most important places in my book would have to be Red Bend’s football field, which is where DJ goes to school. It smells of freshly cut grass. Another place would be DJ’s family’s farm. You can hear cows mooing in the background, smell hay in the air and you can see all the farm land around the farm.

    The setting has influenced the character in the book to play football and to do what she feels is right to do for her own being. This is important to the conflict because guys on the opposing football team don’t like her playing she also gets called names because she is the only girl playing football.

    If  the setting was a character it would be a very kind character but also stands up and talks for herself and isn’t afraid to do anything. The mood is suspenseful.

    The tone of the book is happy and sad at the same time. The setting helps create the tone at the end of the book because it shows that if the place is nice then everyone will probably be happy to be there. In my book Dairy Queen by Catherine Gilbert Murdock the beginning was happy because DJ always liked getting up in the morning to the farm and having chores to do. Later on she met a boy she liked and they had a common interest. But at the end of the book it started to get sad and suspenseful because the boy she liked stopped talking to her and thought she betrayed him and then they played football against each other which was suspenseful.

    If the setting was an earlier time than they would not have been writing about a girl playing football because they wouldn’t have allowed it back then but now they do.

    If you changed locations DJ may not have had a farm she lived on and she wouldn’t have been happy with where she was because in the book she is always talking about how she loves being on a farm.

    My favorite part of the setting is when DJ plays football, and my least favorite part is when guys make fun of her for it. If I could ask the author about the setting I would ask her if she lived in Wisconsin before, or why she would have chosen Wisconsin. I would also ask her why she chose to write about a girl playing football. Did she take this from something she read or saw in real life?

    Character Anaylsis

    2012 - 02.26

                In my novel DJ would be the protagonist in my novel because she helps Brian get better at football. I think Brian would be the antagonist because he used to be mean to DJ before she started helping him with football. DJ is telling the story in my novel, so it would be first person. I think it would make a difference if Brian was telling the story because it would be his life instead of DJ’s then. Brian wants to be the head Quarter Back but isn’t good enough, so DJ helps him out to get better. DJ wants to be her own person in the novel and make her own decisions and doesn’t want to be pushed around. Brian wants to be starting Quarter Back. DJ wants to make her own decisions. DJ kind of relates to me because I use to live on a farm too. The characters in my book weren’t really like any of the characters I have read about in other books. In DJ’s treasure chest there would be a paper heart because she is very caring for other people, a toy cow because she lives on a farm, a basketball and running shoes because she is very good at a lot of sports.

    I realized that my main character and Alec’s character in his book are kind of the same because they both have school related problems. They both figure out a way to conquer there fear or problem. Some things that our characters have in common would be that Alec’s main character and my main character of my book are both heroic and outgoing. Marcus’s book is about basketball and my book is about football, so they are kind of like each other because they are both on sports. I found that all of our characters sounded like someone in real life because of some characteristics they portray in the books we are reading.


                The description of my characters help me understand the characters better because it helped me realize that my characters are very different in the beginning of the book but eventually end up liking the same things. None of our characters ended up being the same or similar to other books we discussed. They are different because they all have different interests. Some things that our characters have in common was that Marcus’s book was about basketball and one of my characters played basketball at her high school and she is really good at it. I noticed that my character can relate to most kids in high school because things that are happening to my character DJ happen to most teenagers. Everyone can relate to DJ in some way or another. This quarter I want to accomplish finishing my book and starting a new one and work better as a group and discuss more things. Our group has tried to let everyone answer the questions we were supposed to. We need to stay focus and stay on task.

    Introduction to Books

    2012 - 02.26

    My book and my group members books didn’t really have anything in common. They were all stories about different things. They were different because my book was a romance novel I guess you could say and it was nonfiction, Alec’s book was about Vampires trying to fit into the normal world which is fiction, and Marcus’s book was about sports specifically basketball.

    Our book all had really different topics so we really didn’t have anything in common. I am most interested in reading Alec’s book because I read all of  the Twilight books and his book is about vampires so I would like to compare those two series to see if they are the same in any way. Marcus’s book is different from anything I have ever read because I don’t read books about sports at all because it doesn’t keep me interested enough.

    I have learned that I like to read nonfiction books because I can relate the situations to my life. I like to read about other people’s lives as well. I am the same as most of the girls in my class because they have similar books to the ones I’m reading.

    One of my goals I would like to set would be to finish at least three books this quarter.