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    2012 - 02.17

    Have you ever thought what it would be like if school would be a lot different than what it is now? Well I know I have. For the past week have been doing my own research on how there are different techniques of teaching. Not only did I find out that school can be online but also teachers are able to record themselves showing us what they would like us to learn for the day and put it online for us to see at home. Do you think this would be a good idea for your public schools?

    If I were to be able to plan out my own school and make my own rules on how teaching would be done. I would like to give a chance for the teachers to get use to technology and how all things work. I think it would be important for the teachers to know how technology is used and why it’s useful. It would help them connect with others and may help them realize things online could be easier. For example students won’t have to worry remembering the wrong thing when they can just go back online and see what the lesson was about over and over again.


    Sometimes students have a hard time remember what task they were given and it gives them a hard time on homework. I think being able to go through the homework together in class would be a good idea because it gives the students a chance to discuss what they had trouble with. Students may find it more easier to ask in front of others instead of waiting for the right time. Or they may just simply keep their question to themselves.

    If the school district were to give each student their own laptops it would help them from downloading all the software’s that schools computers have that ours don’t. It would be easier access for the students who may not be able to get the correct software they may need.

    In my own opinion letting students have access to youtube during school is and isn’t a great idea. It is because youtube will give us the chance to search for an example we may be needing to know how to improve a school project or to know at least if we are on the right track. It isn’t because some students may simply just take advantage and look up videos that aren’t necessary. Maybe if the students were able to bring they’re own device then I would say study hall could be the best place for letting students to bring their own device and let them have access to internet.



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