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Posted on Thursday, February 9th, 2012 at 6:44 pm

Technology is evolving, the world is changing, and for some reason school is the same boring old thing, until now. There is a new type of school called the flipped school that will flip your experiences in school from dull and boring to fun and exciting. Every student will have their own laptop to take home with them, and which they are required to bring to school every day. Your teacher will talk to you in front of a classroom and on your computer screen through videos and tutorials. Every student will listen to these videos and read their homework assignments on a blog, and then write back their responses. And although most of the school work will be on the laptops the teachers will incorporate hands on activities too.

Since every child will have their own computer they won’t need any more folders, notebooks, calculators,  and all of the other school supplies you parents spend so much money on in the beginning of the school year. Every classroom will also be equipped with a computer for the teachers, overhead projector and smart board for demonstrations, and any other basic supplies the students may need along the year. Every teachers curriculum will  differ a little but the basis is that the teachers will start class with videos demos for each kid to watch on their computer and then a blog post that states what they will be doing for the rest of the day. This may contain worksheets online, games, research, etc. The teacher will be in the classroom at all times to monitor that the children stay on topic and will be there to answer any question the students may have.

Our school will use the technology that is the safest and smartest for your children, and will be monitoring your children always to make sure that nothing bad happens while on the computers. Our school also approaches learning differently based on each students type of best learning. Whether that is watching movies, making projects, or talking about the information with someone like their teacher. Having a flipped classroom works very well and introduces the students to a new type of learning that better prepares them for a life outside of school.

Flipped classrooms are also becoming much more popular by universities like the University of California by professors such as Professor Sumner. She, and other professors will include YouTube in parts of their teachings. Sometimes its video tutorials or lessons, and for a reminder or help on the homework, the teacher also posts the days lesson.  As a cause of these resources working so well our school will also have videos posted on every lesson. Some parents or even students may be concerned about the fact that students will have the Wi-Fi and internet and may make bad decisions involving them so a number of firewalls have been put up to block several of the sites not allowed at school. They will also be changed monthly in case anyone finds a way to break through them. Any kid who does hack the system will be punished accordingly. We are taking making steps to ensure our commitment that our flipped classroom is the best choice for your child.

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