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On being a blogger…

Monday & Tuesday, September 16 & 17

Learning Targets

  • Students will engage in independent reading and demonstrate knowledge of Young Adult Literature.
  • Students will consider the history of blogs and the reasons individuals are compelled to tell their story to the public.
  • Students will identify and define the characteristics of the genre of personal essays.

What to do

Step One: Independent Reading and in-class norms. (20 minutes every Monday.)

Step Two: Complete Independent Reading Form. (This assignment demonstrates your understanding of the expectations for Goodreads and of the Young Adult Genre.)

Step Three: As a class we will look at the history of the public telling of personal stories, opinions, etc. We will also develop our definition of blogging in order to understand its role in our class and our own writing.  Links: Broad Overview Video, A (super) Brief History, A Timeline, & Why do People Blog?

Step Four: Read, Annotate, and discuss The Art of Being a Neighbor . We will use this text to identify and define the characteristics of narrative writing in the personal essay.

Step Five: Anticipate this i believe blog post assignment by viewing the TED talk below and responding to the narrative aspects of his ‘essay.’